Complete Moving Package

Wouldn't you rather sit back, relax and let the professionals take care of everything... Well with our Complete Moving Package you can!

We have EVERY aspect of your move covered, and you can see the full details of how below.

Your Choice Of Either Our All-Inclusive Hourly Rates Or A Fixed-Price Quote

  • The ONLY 3 charges we have are our All-Inclusive Hourly Rate, Travel Time, and Heavy Lift Charges, and THAT'S IT! We outline all of these IN WRITING, IN A CONFIRMATION EMAIL when you book your removal. Therefore you will know exactly what you are paying for in advance
  • NO MINIMUM CHARGES, NO HIDDEN FEES. If you can think of any extra charges you can rest assured knowing we don'y charge for them.

5 Star Full Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

  • Our FULL COMPREHENSIVE Transit Insurance is applicable for the ENTIRETY of your removal (including the loading and unloading stages) not simply just while the truck is in transit between properties
  • Our Policy is The Highest and Most Comprehensive level of Transit Insurance available to Furniture Removalists... IT'S THAT SIMPLE!.. and you would be lucky to find another provider with the same level of cover
  • Why risk moving with a company who can only provide you with a simple (and deceptively worded "No-Damage Guarantee)... It is simply another way of saying they expect their staff to break things so instead of paying high premiums for all the claims they would have to make if they had Full Comprehensive Insurance, it will be cheaper for them to pay for the repairs out of their own pocket (or just out of their staff's end of year bonuses - don't laugh some of the biggest companies actually do this!) I have the confidence in myself and my staff to not damage anything in the first place, and so our Insurance is simply for our peace-of-mind, as well as yours

The Highest Level Of Personalised Service And Duty-Of-Care

  • Something you only get from an experienced Owner-Operated Business
  • We are not a faceless big business! We actually have the time and resources to provide you with a far more personalised service! WE WILL always sending you a booking confirmation email, WE WILL provide you with our terms and conditions before your move, WE WILL keep in touch after you have booked in with us, WE WILL give you a courtesy-call the day before your removal and again half an hour before we arrive on your moving day... and this is just the beginning. Our level of service is SECOND TO NONE!

The Most Experienced And Efficient Staff To Your Door EVERY SINGLE TIME

  • Your valued possessions will only ever be handled by expert removalists. WE DO NOT USE SUB-CONTRACTORS, BACKPACKERS OR TRAINEES! You can rest assured knowing your goods are ALWAYS in the best possible hands
  • As I mentioned we are NOT a big company, we don't have the need to hire a lot of staff, allowing me to hand-pick ONLY THE FINEST Removalists I have PERSONALLY worked with over nearly a decade... and... WE ALL HAVE MORE THAN 9 YEARS EXPERIENCE as Furniture Removalists! That's 9 years EACH, not combined! If you need any more convincing, just have a read of our Testimonials. You can find them on this website, you can find them on Facebook, and you can find them on Google Plus.

Our 50 Cubic Metre, Purpose-Built, Fully-Equipped Removal Truck

  • We have the knowledge, the experience, and a large enough truck to be able to PACK MORE INTO OUR TRUCK than others, and the right equipment (and right amount of it!) to do this safely and efficiently, enabling us to fit most households in just one load
  • Our purpose-built removal truck is also far safer than a shipping container, removing the risk of those 'sorry the load shifted' accidents.

All Items Of Furniture Wrapped, Padded And Strapped-In

  • We only use the highest quality furniture pads and ties for the utmost protection, and we actually wrap your furniture PROPERLY instead of simply throwing pads over things to make it appear as though we are doing our job properly

All Items Placed Where You Want Them

  • We will place all items of furniture and boxes where you ask us to, and any items of furniture we disassemble we will completely reassemble at no extra charge

The Option To Take Advantage Of Our Professional Pre-Pack Service

  • Our Expert Staff will pack as much or as little as you require, and EVERY box packed by us covered by our Insurance
  • All packing paper and tape we use while packing your belongings is provided FREE OF CHARGE, so the only thing you have to pay for is the boxes!

Expert Piano And Pool Table Relocations

  • We have the experience, and the equipment, to safely and efficiently handle these heavy items, and we don't charge you ridiculous prices to do so

Our Time Saving Tips

  • We provide you with advice on how to save yourself time and effort, and ultimately SAVE YOU MONEY

Free Delivery On All Packing Materials

  • Our first delivery of packing materials is FREE. We generally deliver more than you think you will need, and whatever you don't use we will simply take back on the day of your move, therefore YOU ONLY PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE
  • We also provide a Free Pick-Up and Buy-Back Service where we buy back used boxes that are still in good condition - saving you even more money

A Full Range Of Furniture And Floor Protection

  • This includes mattress bags of all sizes as well as a full variety of lounge and chair coverings - ideal for storage - and always on-hand should you request them
  • We also carry a carpet rolls to place over your floors to protect them from dirt and rain, as well as a wide variety of felt pads - perfect for placing under the feet and legs of your furniture to protect your new timber and tiled floors

...But most of all, you get the confidence in knowing your valued possessions, property and yourself are in the best possible hands for the entirety of your move... something that is very rare in our industry!

That's why with Bren's Removals & Transport you can relax, we've got you covered!


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